Die Hard 4.0

It was around 19:30 yesterday when I got back from my office and had my dinner right away in front of my dorm. I was a bit in hurry because I was going to watch Die Hard 4 which would start at 21:40 at 21 studio with my dorm-friends: Moogie and Tiyo, my ex-dorm-friend: Goho, and Tiyo’s brother: Vito.

The movie was good and I found it really exciting. It combined the thrilling-action of the legacy Die Hard series and integrated little jokes here and there through the story-line. But what makes this movie really interesting to me is that it packed the story-line with high-tech stuffs and put some computer hackers in the main roles. Awesome! But I do regret a bit of the fact that the producer didn’t pay quite an intention on the technology environment that security system designers might have ever made. Animations and eye-catching graphics at user-prompt login to restricted crucial devices? Duh! Even in some not-quite-crucial devices at the server room in my office don’t use those beautiful visions on the screen! They’ll consume much CPU and memory resources of the devices. They’re usually only black in the background and white in the foreground (or some other bi-color combinations). But CMIIW!

My overall comment? Well, John McClane said in the last minute before his heroic triumph against the main villain: Yipee Ki Yay! (I don’t know how to spell it correctly). And I said the same phrase too at the end of the movie: Yipee Ki Yay! It’s a must-see movie!

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