JOHOers temporarily reunited….

Yesterday, 29th July 2007, JOHOers (term for KKN UGM 2006 Joho-Pracimantoro, Wonogiri members) gathered together to share the ins and outs of life and had some fun.It should be at 07:00 that we met at the checkpoint, KPTU Teknik UGM, but none of us arrived on time. But at least I’m still the first 🙂 And quite surprisingly Vita and Dewi were on 3rd and 4th position after Tina, and Kadek as usual was the last. We had 5 motorbikes and yet there were 6 of us to ride on. So we decided to leave 2 of our bikes at Dr. Sarjito hospital‘s parking space, and headed to boulevard UGM to have our breakfast. We had a good bowl of bubur ayam and discussed about our journey plan that day. Rawa Jombor was our planned place to hang out that very day.


Okay, so we rode our bikes directly to Rawa Jombor (well, actually we stopped at one of Bank Mandiri‘s ATM in Jl. Solo to withdraw some cash), and upon our arrival, we chose Warung Apung Ilham as our spot for lunch and hang out.

We ordered some fishes, shrimps, and soda gembiras 🙂 Then we took out our gifts that we’ve prepared before for exchange, and made a draw. Guess what? I got Vita’s gift: a mug with Tom chasing Jerry drawing on the outer side, and Vita‘s long inspiring motivational letter 😛 And who got mine? Dewi did 🙂 Then we had our lunch and had some unstructured, wide-ranged topicshadiah.jpg chats. And one thing: the scenery was awesome! I really enjoyed it.

Around 14:15 we left the place and headed back to Yogyakarta.

One special note to JOHOers: “Thank you for the great moments….”.

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