The Erasmus Mundus Pre-Departure Reception 2007

Here below is the story of the Erasmus Mundus Pre-Departure Reception 2007 events, but might not satisfy the chronological order since I can’t remember them clearly.


It was on Thursday, 2nd August 2007 that I was invited to attend the Erasmus Mundus Pre-Departure Reception which was held by the Delegation ot the European Commission to Indonesia at Le Meridien hotel, Jakarta.

I was dropped by my Dad in front of Le Meridien hotel somewhere in Jl. Sudirman around 10:15. I went straight forward to the lobby and after my bag was being checked by the security officer, I registered myself for the event. There I met other Erasmus Mundus scholarship awardees, including Mr. Danang, who had SMS-ed me earlier saying that he had arrived at the hotel around 09:30. What a punctual guy 😀 !!! We had a coffee-break and soon after we entered the main aula to attend the main event.

Erasmus Mundus Certificate

My Erasmus Mundus scholarship certificate

The event started with a photo-session with the press, including The Jakarta Post and several others. Yup, my picture was published in The Jakarta Post (unfortunately just ½ of my body was visible). Then the first speech came from Ms. Sheila Town, Attache for Education of the EC Delegation to Indonesia, and continued by Mr. Ramon Mohandas, representative from the Government of Indonesia (from the Ministry of Education actually). In his speech, Mr. Mohandas introduced the W-curve (introduced means I’ve never heard about it before :-D), which is the 2-dimensional graphical symbol of time-frame (X-axis) and one’s morale (Y-axis, I’m not sure if “morale” is the right word, but whatever!). He assumed now (at the pre-departure moments) we, awardees, are at the top left corner of the “W”, and as we go through our studies, our morale will slowly go down until our graduation day, which is in the middle of the “W”. But then when things aren’t as we’ve thought it should be after obtaining the M.Sc degree (or other same-level degrees), once again our morale will be reduced. But then, as our career paths get better and better, so does our morale, that is at the top right corner of the “W”. Interesting!!! I’ll find out whether it’s true soon 🙂

Pre-Departure Erasmus Mundus Alone

Me at the stage alone

Then Ms. Meilinda Wan and Mr. Salamun Sastrawikarta (representatives of student and scholar awardees respectively) had their speech (I forgot the chronological order), and then we watched a short film (testimonials actually) featuring Ms. Wiratna Sari Wiguna, alumnus of EM awardee in European Masters Program in Computational Logic. And then we had our lunch, where awardees who will go to the same country in Europe grouped around a table with the representative(s) from that particular country joinning the lunch. I joined the Italian group (Italy won’t be my first country in my mobility scheme, but I was forced to join them), with Mrs. Michela Linda Magri, Attache of the Italiano Instituto di Cultura, and Mrs. Rufina. The food was awesome with lots of varieties to choose. I was sitting right next to Mrs. Michela and we had a quite intensive chat. Actually earlier that morning at the openning session, she made a statement to all the audience that I’ve received the Governo Italiano scholarship but withdrew due to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship acceptance. I was a bit ashamed, but she told the truth 😀

After lunch there came Ms. Tioria Silalahi to the stage with her presentation about the EU in general, and continued with open discussion featuring Mr. Muhammad Arief and Mr. Anggit, alumni of the EM awardees. That’s all for the formal event. But there was still a light discussion, along with tips & tricks for first-time-travelers.

Shaking hands with Mrs. Michela

Shaking hands with Mrs. Michela Linda Magri, Attache of the Italiano Instituto di Cultura Jakarta

Alright…. Ready to depart? Not until the 30th August for me 🙂

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