First time entering the B-IT building

Today’s my first day entering the B-IT building where most of my study will take place. The building looks well and as I entered, I found it really interesting to do my study there. I took a peek to the lecture room and it looked like a big studio. I was informed that the B-IT building was previously the West Germany’s parliament building some years back when Bonn was still the capital city. Can’t wait for my first lecture day 🙂

B-IT building

B-IT bulding side view

Actually I went to the B-IT building to consult with my academic tutor, Mr. Jürgen Rapp, who came to Bonn today to consult which course I should take for this winter semester. So for the time being my study plan is:

  • Designing Interactive System I
  • German Course
  • Technical Writing
  • Seminar: Convergent Networks with topic “Performance Evaluation of TCP Congestion Control Mechanisms”
  • Lab Work I: User-oriented System Design and Personalized Information Services (at Fraunhofer FIT St. Augustin)

There might be slight changes in this plan, but quite unlikely. I hope I can go through all subjects well.

B-IT yard

Autumn is around the corner…. So colorful….

On my way to the B-IT building, I saw trees with changing-color leaves. So colorful…. So beautiful…. Even leaves have different colors and they all look pretty as whole. Differences are meant to be beautiful, to be pretty…. That’s the thought which came to my head while looking the beautiful multi-colored leaves accross my path to the B-IT building.

1 Response to “First time entering the B-IT building”

  1. 1 dansat April 25, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    aha.. so colourful. and yet, so quiet :-9

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