My new travel & entertainment companion: Dafferianus [IXUSus], [PSPus], [MyPassportus]

Indeed it’s a crappy title, but they are the names I could give which came out of my mind to represent (as usual) the things which I purchased using my Erasmus Mundus stipend to cope with my daily needs, especially for traveling and entertainment, and also (hopefully) for my study, directly or indirectly.

So the first one is a digital camera, a silver-coloured Ixus 70 from Canon. I managed to retire my previous Creative 3200Z which is pretty slow in a term of internal processing (it may take several seconds between shots). But still it did a good job for documenting events up to recently. I bought this Creative branded camera in 2004 after completing the 3-day data entry project for the general election commission during the legislative election back in my country. At that time I didn’t really think about quality and performance, since I was in a desparate need for a visual documentation tool. So I bought the cheapest available option. And after 4 years of usage, I realized that the performance of this low-end Creative camera didn’t suffice my need of performance, but I still intend to buy a pocket-sized camera. So my options came to Sony Cybershot W120 and Canon Ixus 70 which cost similar at MediaWorld Trento. After reading through reviews of both candidates, I decided to choose the Canon Ixus 70 as my new travel companion. After testing this camera during several trips, I found this camera quite responsive though I’m a bit disappointed with the date-stamp feature which only works at 1600X1200 resolution mode, which in turn doesn’t reach its 7.1 MP maximum resolution capability.

Canon Ixus 70

Creative 3200Z

And the second gadget is a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP-2004) preinstalled with 3.90 firmware version which I also bought at MediaWorld Trento. I decided to buy a portable game console for entertainment purpose after completing my second semester, and since the Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core title was only available for this portable game console, there was simply no other candidate to choose. I have been a Final Fantasy fan since 1998, started by completing Final Fantasy VII for the old PlayStation game console, and then continued with Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. I’ve recently completed the Crisis Core in a 1-pass play (I managed to finish it in 3 days), which means I missed many side quests in the game, but at least I got the main plot. To me this prequel of Final Fantasy VII is more like an introduction to Zack, which is a good thing or otherwise he will be left as an abstract character since he appeared several times in Final Fantasy VII and its sequel movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The battle system is different from the old Final Fantasy VII (I heard it’s in the process of remake for the PS3 game console) and it gave me a new experience of real-time combat system within Final Fantasy series I’ve ever played. I had trouble times looking for the English version of Crisis Core UMD since there’s only Italian version sold in shops around Trento, and when I went to München, only the German version was available. Then I decided to order the English version online through

My PSP and 2 UMD games: FIFA08 and Crisis Core

The PSP package included 1 bonus game which I could choose among several options, and I chose FIFA08. And yes, it’s an Italian version, so the menus and commentaries are all in Italian. The loading time for playing games with the UMD media made me frustrated sometimes which makes it better to play the games’ images (.iso or .cso) from the memory stick. But in order to do that, I needed the custom firmware to be installed. So with the help of a high school guy named Leonardo, I had the 4.01 M33-2 custom firmware installed. Not only can my PSP run games’ images from the memory stick, but also it can run various unofficial applications made available for the PSP game console now such as the Bookr (application for reading PDF files). The downside is that I lost the official warranty from Sony since custom firmwares are not official firmwares from Sony. With the purchase of this game console, my old Apacer BP300 is also put to retirement since the PSP can play MP3 files directly from the memory stick. And unlike the BP300 which has only 128MB of fixed storage capacity, the memory stick storage can be changed flexibly according to my need. As with the case of my Creative digital camera, I bought the Apacer BP300 MP3 player in 2004 after the national legislative election data entry project in Indonesia.

My Apacer BP300 MP3 player

And the third gadget is an external harddisk, a Western Digital My Passport Essential, with 320GB storage capacity. It’s a passport-sized USB-powered portable harddisk which was initially intended for video files storage transferred from the miniDV tapes (which were of big sizes and could hardly fit in my laptop’s 120GB harddisk). But then, who knows 🙂

The WD My Passport Essential and my passport

So these are my new gadgets which I hope will help increase my productivity through my upcoming life-journey, directly or indirectly.

3 Responses to “My new travel & entertainment companion: Dafferianus [IXUSus], [PSPus], [MyPassportus]”

  1. 1 kodhim September 9, 2008 at 7:07 am

    waaaaaaaaa ucoooook……
    long time not see , now fully gadget.
    dulu kuliah beli hape buat internetan gratis, abis beli ga bisa dipake… :))

  2. 2 Dafferianto Trinugroho September 9, 2008 at 9:31 pm


    Ciao mas Habib…. Iya nih, log time no see… Gimana kabar?
    haha… iya inget dulu ngejar paket Matrix dari Indosat 25rb per bulan tarif flat 😀
    Ga full gadget juga kok, cuma ngerasa butuh (baca: pengen) jadi beli 😛
    Blognya ku-add di friends-list ya… Kalo mau blogwalking biar gampang 🙂


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