Reunion with FlipFlop’s drummer

On Thursday, 11th September 2008, I took a night train to Frankfurt and arrived on Friday, 12th September early in the morning. It was a reunion time with my old comrade: Dheni. We used to live in the same boarding house in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, formed an amateur band called FlipFlop where he played the role of a drummer and I played the role of a keyboardist. We also went to the same university: Gadjah Mada University, but different major (he took the chemical engineering major whereas I took computer science).

He came to Göttingen, Germany, to attend a training (for about a week) assigned by the company where he’s working at, Indocement. Friday, 12th September 2008 was his return day to Indonesia, and we managed a small reunion in Frankfurt, since the plane took off around 10 p.m. or so.

He arrived in Frankfurt about an hour after my arrival with 2 other training attendants, Mr. Son and Mr. Kim, from South Korea. A funny event happened. Since Dheni was working as an engineer, I thought they were also working as engineers. So I asked Mr. Son whether he was working as an engineer. Then he smiled and gave me his name card, and whoaaaaa…… it’s written there: Deputy General Manager of Tong Yang Cement Corp. 😐 Mr. Kim then gave me his name card as well. His position was Assistant Manager. Gossshhhhh…… How could Dheni attend a training with these big guys?????

So we had a lunch together at the McDonalds and walked around the city center.


Frankfurt – with Dheni in front of Frankfurt’s hauptbahnhof


Frankfurt – at the main square (Mr. Kim, Mr. Son, Dheni, me)

Mr. Kim and Mr. Son left earlier to the airport to catch their flight back to Seoul. I and Dheni had a long chat at the train station and had our dinner together once again at the McDonalds 😀 . Then we went to the airport.

It was a nice reunion to me. Hope our friendship will last for years to come….

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