My first days in Aachen

My first days in Aachen didn’t start as smooth as I was expecting. It started with a very bad experience at the Milano Malpensa airport several minutes before my flight to Köln-Bonn airport (well in fact it’s more likely to be categorized in the ending of my stay in Italy than the new part in Germany). The story went like this: On Sunday, 1st March 2009, I arrived at the Milano Centrale train station around 22:30. I took the Malpensa shuttle bus to the airport terminal 1, dragging my big luggage and carrying a backpack, laptop bag, and handycam bag up to the check-in area. There I found a good seat for spending the night. So I tied my laptop bag to the big suitcase, also my backpack, and tied my handycam bag to the seat’s handle. Then I slept tightly. Well, playing the PSP for an hour before moving to another world 🙂 When the morning came, I woke up with all my bags at their intial places. Then I went to the rest room, wrapped my huge luggage using a wrapper service for € 8, and went to Germanwings’ check in desk. The checked-in lugagge was 1.5 kg overweight, but the check-in guy was ok with that 🙂 Then I went to the boarding gate and…. My handycam bag was not with me 😦 I tried to check the seat where I used to sleep, it was not there. There was no time to report my missing bag to the lost & found department, so I just let go. When arriving in Aachen, I reported this incident by phone and email, but no satisfying feedback yet until this post is written 😦 The contents of my handycam bag are my handycam and digital camera. Too bad…. In the memory card of the digital camera there were pictures of David Beckham taking corner kicks and free kicks when I watched the AC Milan match against Cagliari at San Siro. And recently I bought the replacement for my digital camera, a Canon Ixus 80 IS, because of the CeBIT 2009 expo that I didn’t want to miss (though in the end I didn’t take many pictures from that expo 😀 ).

So I moved in to my new flat in Aachen, thanks to Chat, one of the EuMI buddies from the same cohort as me, who prepared the administration matters for me. So we are flatmates now. The apartment itself is pretty good in my opinion, with a fair price for Aachen standard. It consists of 2 rooms, quite big (used by me and Chat), a small kitchen, and a bathroom/rest room. My room is furnished very well with a sofa and a bossy chair 😀

my_roomAachen – my room (the bossy chair ist sehr bequem 😀 )

my_room2Aachen – my room (the sofa is very comfortable for relaxing as well 🙂 )

I spent my first days (first week) in Aachen processing administration stuffs with the international office (student card, stay permit) which haven’t been completed yet, and also with the housemaster. I also spent some time for reading my thesis materials and related articles. I hope everything will go well 🙂

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