1+ year has passed….

It has been more than a year since I last posted an entry to this blog. The days were packed with constant pressures, and the nights were (almost) always long (including weekends). A natural consequence of my very own choice: master’s thesis + student helper job at Ericsson Eurolab. But I’m happy that I made it through. Not only have the pressures given me unique experiences, but also a good lesson: how precious to focus on one thing is (Seriously, I mean it…. Happy are those who can focus only on their theses or jobs, not both 😛 ). It would be really great to have some leisure activities such as playing a video game or youtube-ing after work hour. I didn’t. It was mostly technical stuffs that I was in charge of during work hour, and after reaching home I should think about other comparable brain-intensive technical stuffs for the thesis, struggling to finish before the deadline’s date. Now I’m quite relieved to have obtained my masters degree. I was officially graduated from RWTH Aachen University just one day before the deadline 🙂 . Yes, for the sake of coolness, I can proudly introduce myself anywhere: Yohanes Baptista Dafferianto Trinugroho, M.Sc. Haha…. In addition, a paper incorporating some parts of my thesis work was accepted in NGMAST 2010 conference.

My decision to do both the thesis and student job was not taken lightly. I was financed by the European Commission with the generous Erasmus Mundus scholarship thoroughout the course of my study, but only for 2 years. I went back to Germany from Italy for the thesis in my 4th semester, and couldn’t manage to finish the thesis within that semester. That means I had to extend for a semester without any financial aid. This situation (somehow) forced me to do a part-time job, and thank God (also my bosses), I was offered a position at Ericsson Eurolab. With their kindness, I was even offered a Ph.D. position that I will undertake in the foreseeable future.

So, let me write a bit of what I did in the past one year as  a log so that I won’t forget them myself in the future. Just briefly 🙂

I travelled to Amsterdam for a 2-day trip with an ex-Trento classmate in June 2009. We visited several famous spots, including Van Gogh museum (I was alone for this one actually), Madame Tussauds wax museum, Hard Rock Cafe for a drink, the Red Light District 😛 (only sight-seeing), and a cruise trip.

Amsterdam – I amsterdam

In August 2009, my EuMI senior (an Indonesian) visited me in Aachen with his friend, and we went to Liege for a day trip. I remember we took a nap in a small garden for about 30 minutes or so.

Liege – Stairs

Christmas break has always been a good time to rest. I optimised 2009’s Christmas break for a 1-week trip to Rome and Paris with a friend. We attended the Chrismast eve’s evening mass lead by the Pope himself in the Vatican city’s St. Peter’s basilica. We met 2 Indonesian girls, and returned wet to the hostel after a long walk through hard rain. We visited many famous places such as the Colosseum, Rome’s Pantheon (well, we didn’t go inside since it was closed), Paris’ Pantheon, the Eiffel tower on new year’s day, Sacre Couer, and Louvre. We also attended a mass in Notre Dame Paris.

Rome – Colosseum

Paris – Eiffel tower

After being freed from the thesis, I joined the Indonesian student community organisation for a trip to Rurhsee in the Eifel National Park near Aachen. I really enjoyed the fresh forest air during that almost-spring season. We had our dinner at Chicken Pon, and continued with the evening Easter mass with some guys who celebrated the Easter.

Eifel National Park

In late June 2010, I visited Strasbourg for a day trip with an EuMI classmate. We did several projects together during our stay both in Bonn and Trento, and he recently landed a good job as an IT architect in a subsidiary of one of the largest telecom operators in the world. Congratulations to him!


In July 2010, I went to a horse race show with my flatmate. Aachen is also famous for its horse race which has been taken place every year since 1924 (?). In the evening we travelled to Köln for a firework event called Kölner Lichter. I didn’t waste the chance for learning the basic of photography with my new DSLR camera during that day. The fireworks were awesome.

Aachen – CHIO horse race 2010

Cologne – Kölner Lichter 2010

My junior in the Media Informatics programme (an Indonesian) invited me for a lunch with his friend who studies in Korea (also an Indonesian). We chose Chicken Pon and ordered a fair-sized plate of chicken, french fries, and salad. The other week, in early August, I went to the Drieländereck (the border point between Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium) with this guy coming from Korea. A week later, we cooked together for a lunch and continued with a nice Indonesian dinner at Indonesia’s 65th independence day celebration in Aachen. I and some friends went to Köln to watch Inception as well in August, which, in my opinion, is a must see movie.


In late August 2010, a former classmate at the Gadjah Mada University visited Aachen, and we went downtown for a walk. Surprisingly, he brought with him a DSLR camera, so we took several pictures together. A week later, one of my EuMI juniors (an Indonesian) invited me for a farewell dinner. The food was nice. I wish him a happy stay in Trento 🙂

Those are the events taking place during the last 1 year with a relatively low level of granularity that I can trace back. Hopefully I can write logs more often in the future 🙂

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