Last (official) working day at Ericsson Eurolab

Today, September 30th, 2010, is my last (official) working day at Ericsson Eurolab as an intern. I bought some cakes and invited some employees of the research department (I guess around 30 people joined) for a small farewell cake session in the afternoon (at 3 p.m.). I hope they enjoyed the cakes 🙂 I and my colleague borrowed small plates and forks from the canteen with our limited Deutsch, and fortunately the lady understood us 🙂

As most goodbyes, I felt sad to leave my workspace. But I know it’s time to start anew. I have gained quite some experiences with Ericsson Eurolab (couldn’t believe that I was involved in supporting the Mobile World Congress 2010 demo showcase), and I believe that I’m smarter today than 1 year and 2 months ago when I joined the company 🙂 Many thanks to God and my bosses who gave me this opportunity at the first place, and also other colleagues for the great working hours spent together. I hope we’ll still keep in touch, and perhaps we’ll do some projects together in the future 🙂 Many thanks to my girlfriend as well for supporting me through the hard times.

I experienced both Ericsson sites in Aachen and Herzogenrath, including the moving process. Below are some pictures that I took from outside of Ericsson’s premises.

Ericsson Eurolab – Aachen

Ericsson Eurolab – Herzogenrath

Ericsson Eurolab – Herzogenrath

2 Responses to “Last (official) working day at Ericsson Eurolab”

  1. 1 Fakhrur Rozi June 17, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Life will always be spinning. We will go and left to go. All going to give us a valuable lesson in preparation for later life treading more wisely.

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