3rd year of Norway chapter

Time runs very fast. But I run faster!

That, I wish. Unfortunately I have tasted a bit of exhaustion pushing myself forward in the seemingly endless marathon track of an academic race. The view gets even more daunting as deadlines constantly knock my front door. I could of course escape through the rear passage, but I think I have decided to fight all the way till the finish line. After all, I am the one who chose this tough path.

This month, 3 years ago, I landed in Norway for pursuing an academic route. Honestly speaking, Norway has been treating me well, perhaps very well, to a point where I was granted a permanent residence permit earlier this month, just a couple of days before my birthday. Yes, today is my birthday, and sadly speaking, I’m getting older. On the bright side, I have seen some personal improvements that I have wished for during the last couple of years. More knowledgeable and hopefully also wiser. I intentionally spend some time writing this personal log about major activities during the last 1 year, which otherwise would (most probably) be forgotten as time passes by.

I travelled back to Indonesia during the winter holiday last year (end of December 2012) for a couple of weeks, celebrating Christmas and New Year with my family as well as meeting some old friends for a reunion. I visited 3 cities: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bojonegoro. On my return trip to Norway, I transitted in Amsterdam and took a walk around the city for a couple of hours, visiting several tourist attractions. Upon my arrival in Grimstad, Norway, I caught a strong and annoying cold which forced me to have bed rest for a week or so.

I didn’t involve myself much in external activities during the first half of 2013, mainly focusing on the implementation of a prototype of my work (dedicating myself to programming work). I attended a Persian New Year party arranged by several students in March 2013, and a potluck gathering in May 2013. I made a fried rice and claimed it to be one of Indonesian specialties 🙂 I also attended a First Communion ceremony of my office mate’s daughters in mid May 2013, which was followed by a nice barbecue session under a bright sunny Nordic sky. On May 17th I went downtown to watch live children parade, commemorating the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Then comes the eHelseUKA 2013 event in early June 2013, where the eHealth group showed off our developed prototypes alongside some posters of the group’s projects. I attended the PhD defence of my office colleague in mid June 2013, and attended the HERMES (a student association) barbecue event a couple of days later, where I enjoyed a football match as a centre back (sort of). I presented the latest progress of my work in late June 2013 in a PhD forum event (including a demo of the running prototype).

eHelseUKA 2013

eHelseUKA 2013 — Grimstad, Norway

World-class centre back :-)

World-class centre back 🙂 — Grimstad, Norway

PhD forum June 2013

PhD forum June 2013 — Grimstad, Norway

I travelled to Trolltunga during the second week of July 2013 with a friend. It was roughly a 9-hour hike up and down, and I remember feeling both my legs broken into pieces. It was simply very challenging to me. But it was worth the while since the scenery was amazing. I tried swimming in Groos beach as well in mid July 2013. The water was a bit cold. I attended another barbecue event at the end of July 2013, celebrating an office mate’s birthday.


Trolltunga — Odda, Norway

I travelled to Bali, Indonesia, in late August 2013 mainly to present a paper for publication at APCC 2013 conference. I visited a friend in Singapore and took a walk around the city during my transit time for a couple of hours. I visited my parents in Jakarta for a couple of days before heading back to Bali for a short vacation. I found Bali really amazing, especially the beaches (it was my first time to the island although it is part of Indonesia and I’m myself an Indonesian).

The Merlion

The Merlion — Singapore

APCC 2013 conference

APCC 2013 conference — Bali, Indonesia

Balinese traditional "Kecak" dance

Balinese traditional “Kecak” dance — Bali, Indonesia

I took part in showing a demo of one of the eHealth group’s prototypes in the Forskningsdagene 2013 event in Grimstad with 2 other group members. We were allocated a tent in the city centre where people can visit, see, and discuss with us surrounding our research projects.

Those are the major events taking place during the last 1 year of my life. Currently I’m facing a tough challenge to finish my work which I started a couple of years ago, and I promise myself to put my spirit to the test. I don’t know how the outcome will look like, but I will surely do my very best.


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